Eduonix review

Eduonix was founded in 2013 in India.  Eduonix is not the most well-known course provider but it is growing rapidly. 


Eduonix began with a focus on technology but have recently moved into courses on wider business and creative skills.


They have put a lot of work into transforming online learning beyond just watching videos, but is this newcomer worth your time and money?


Read our review to find out.


Eduonix is not affiliated with any Universities or Higher Education institutions. Neither are they sponsored by any companies or governing bodies. This means that their courses are not Accredited and cannot provide you with any points towards an offline degree.


Eduonix is what is known as an "amateur" course provider. This means that they allow people of all shapes and sizes to provide a course on their platform. 


Do not run for the hills just yet, they do curate the courses and vet the people whom they allow to become teachers on Eduonix.


While they may not be officially accredited by traditional offline universities but as you will see below they more than makeup for it with some very cool online learning features.  


A good way to start to understand Eduonix would be to review the blog. It is rather different from most company blogs. It aims to teach skills as well as the usual stories and company updates that have become de riguer for online course provider blogs. 

You can check it out here: Eduonix Blog

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Our rating

  • Slick platform

  • Number of courses

  • Course Overviews

  • Variable course quality

  • Limited course types

  • Some courses overpriced

Who is Eduonix for

You can see the impressive scale that Eduonix has achieved in the six years since its launch above.

They offer courses covering all the most popular online learning topics, namely:

• Technology

• Design

• Management

• Science

• Creative

• Humanities

Classes and courses

In the screenshot below you can see the "Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners" course. 

As you can see from the screenshot. The Eduonix course overview pages are very detailed. 

There are two things that really stick out:

• A detailed course syllabus​

• Course video previews

It has become more and more common to provide a detailed breakdown of what is going to be on the course you are about to sign up to.

This is something to be welcomed. Nobody wants to commit their time and money engaging with a class and teaching style trying to learn a new skill without knowing what they will get out of it.

The Course video previews are not nearly as prevalent as they should be. In terms of deciding if a course is for you, there are behind only a friends recommendation or an in-depth review from your friends at The School Bell.


Allowing people to preview your courses shows great confidence in the quality of your courses and is a big plus for Eduonix. They do not stop there though, they offer several other ways to give you peace of mind when committing to one of their courses.

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course.​

They also show Ratings and Review for each course. Online Course Ratings and Reviews are a great idea because they are taken by large volumes of people on a very regular basis. Unlike traditional courses you never have to worry if the course content is out of date, just check the syllabus and most recent reviews.


Eduonix is one of the cheapest online course providers that we have come across. The offer a pay as you go model so you will need to pay for each course that you take but you do not have to worry about getting tied into a contract or needing to get your money's worth each month. 

Most of their courses come it at around $29, many are less. 

Eduonix has also kept up with the times by offering longer-form programmes called "E-degrees". There are more expensive at around $700 but you can often grab a deal and pay only $99. This is highly worth doing as they offer a lot of bang for your buck. 

The real rabbit out the hat moment for Eduonix is that they offer many of their courses for free. While most providers will give you a free trial it soon becomes clear that you will need to pay if you want to access the good stuff. 

It was clear during our review that Eduonix is committed to allowing anyone to develop some skills for free.

As you can see from the screenshot above Eduonix is not afraid to offer a discount. 


Our advice is if you are going to buy a longer programme then wait for an offer. The offer below is a good example of the savings you can make. 


As we discuss below, just because something is cheaper does not necessarily mean it is better value. Make sure that the course bundles offer what you are looking for and are well rated before you take the plunge. 

How to take a course

Like a few other online course providers that we know, Eduonix started life as a technology-focused course provider but have since branched out into more creative and business-focused courses.


As you can see below they cover a lot of technical and business-focused courses. Eduonix has not yet made the leap into personal skills training. If that is what you are looking for then I recommend you check out our Udemy and Skillshare reviews.

Currently, Eduonix only offers two of their longer format 'edegrees'. We are hoping they offer more soon!


The Edegrees are structured in a very smart and structured format. They have great videos and lectures that are designed to take you from basic to expert level knowledge of your chosen subject. 


Another added bonus is that they offer interview preparation as well as real-time support and multiple very helpful webinars.


For the whole range of supporting cast members that go along with the online videos and lectures check out the screenshot below. 

Navigating the site

Eduonix is a strange sort of platform. It seems like a fairly young product that has not quite decided what it is yet. 


That being said, the Homepage is very slick and well designed. In fact, it may be one of my favourite Homepage designs. 


You can tell it has been created with the user in mind rather than to look good or show as many different courses or Online learning categories as possible. 


Since they are a relatively young course provider, they look and work as great on a mobile phone as they do on a desktop. ​


On all screens, the website interface is clean, slick and easy to understand. It is easy to explore Eduonix and find the course categories that you are looking for.

Final thoughts

Eduonix does not have the same brand recognition that some of the other online course providers have but they have a lot of high-quality online courses available on their site.


They have done a really great job on curating their course lists and the Course overview pages offer all the information you could need when choosing a course. 


We highly recommend them for learning basic skills in a week or two.

Thanks for reading!