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Intro to Digital Analytics

History, strategy, tactics, myths and more.   


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About this class


Are you one of those people who added Google Analytics to your site months ago, but haven't been back to check the results since then?


Or maybe you're one of those compulsive checkers who peeks at your Google Analytics data every hour or so, without ever doing anything based on the results?

The same can be said of your follower count on Social Media or how many likes your latest post is getting. If you are not sure why people don’t seem to be coming to your site or why your advertising doesn’t bring in profitable traffic then this course is for you.

However, there is more to Digital Analytics than just Google analytics. In this course, you will learn about the whole of digital analytics. We will look at popular misconceptions, how teams should be structured, processes and help you create a practical Digital Analytics framework starter as your project. 

What previous students are saying

Richard thanks for the course! I enjoyed the Digital Analytics' strategy and how to apply it to my business. Highly recommend!!!

Really enjoyed this course, recommend for anyone who wants to learn about Digital Analytics.

Really enjoyed the class! Great tips and examples that made it easy to understand, looking forward to the next one :)

Discovered this course by accident but it was a night well spent. Would recommend to anyone looking to get started with Digital Analytics.

Loved it!!

You should try this course if you are a:

  • A Founder who doesn't know where to get started

  • A Website Owner who is struggling to understand their traffic and sales

  • A Marketer trying to build a community or find out more about their custome

  • Anyone who wants to understand a bit more about the theory and strategy behind analytics

This course is not for:

  • People looking for tool implementation guides

  • People looking for a quick fix or guaranteed income scheme

  • Anyone who wants to implement Google Analytics and then forget about it

  • People who have a strong understanding of the basics and want to dive into more advanced topics​

About the Teacher

Richard works with businesses to understand their goals and drive profitable growth. "I love working with ambitious startups to drive smart, data-driven growth."

He has 10+ years experience building digital analytics programs & teams.

Key Skills:

  •       Leading digital analytics projects

  •       Google Ads, Facebook, CRM, Apps, Affiliate marketing

  •       Customer personas & UX

  •       Website & App optimisation

  •       KPI and target setting 


Is this course suited for me if I have no knowledge of Digital Analytics?


Yes! You are exactly who this course is for. This course is an introduction to the world of digital analytics. It will take you through what Digitial Analytics is, what it can be used for and how it can help you in your career and business. 


How much time will I need to finish the course?

This is a quick course that is designed to be taken in one evening or over a couple of days. It is the first in a series that will get progressively more advanced.

Do you provide any certificate?

There is a project that you can do at the end of the course that is designed to help you learn the materials and act as a certificate of completion.


Do you provide any training material?

If you give us your email address we will send you a free ebook with more in-depth guides and cases studies. We will not sell your data or send you any spam!

If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for?

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