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Lynda is a great elearning resource! It offers so many different varieties of courses - from IT development to Marketing, Design and even 3D and animation. If you want to check out our Lynda review we have a page dedicated to this

Lynda is a subscription-based service and for $25 a month, you’ll get full access to all its courses.


For new users, you can sign up and get their first month for free. Lynda also offers certificates of completion after you complete certain courses.

Written 4th November, 2019 by The School Bell

Updated on the 12th December

If you’re looking to perfect your skills in Marketing, Lynda is one of the best platforms to use. You can choose your level and follow classes from the most basic to the most advanced. 

To save you some time, the Marketing courses are listed by channel:


Social, PPC, Email and Content Management System (CMS).


You can take them all or pick the one that best suits you. Let us know how you get on!

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Social Media (in this case Facebook)

This course is created by Megan Adams and is all about Facebook advertising. In this course, you will learn why it’s useful to advertise on Facebook and how to target the right audience. 

During the program, you will understand the basics of social media marketing campaigns and how they work. This ranges from getting a comprehensive view of the ads manager tools to set up the account and campaigns. 

The course is great as it will allow you to strengthen a number of skills such as Social media advertising, Facebook in particular and Social media marketing as a whole. This course is perfect if you don’t have any idea how Facebook ads work.


Best things about this course: 

• You’ll understand what a Facebook page is and how it works

• You’ll learn how to moderate your Facebook comments

• You’ll get great tips on how to write great Facebook Ads

• You will learn how to boost page posts and attract a high amount of likes 

• Get to learn the basic terminology and KPIs of advertising 

• Grasp how to create & schedule advertising reports 

• LEVEL:  Beginner

• DURATION: 2 Hour 53 Min


If you’re looking to take your PPC knowledge to the next level, has a remarkable course called Advanced Google AdWords 2017. It was created by Adriaan Brits. He designed the course for marketers who already have some experience and knowledge and that are wanting more advanced knowledge of the platform. If you’re self-taught looking for more in-depth knowledge, this course is also a great fit.

The Advanced Google Ads course is divided into six modules. 

The first module focuses on Shopping and e-commerce. It will explain how to set up the campaigns and the merchant centre with its feeds. It goes into a lot of detail in terms of the negative keywords, brand segmentation and various optimisation techniques. 

The second and third modules take a deeper look into the research, planning, managing and reporting as a whole. This is where you will really be able to take a deeper look into the platform and understand where you can find all the different metrics. It will also help you understand how the platform is built.


Module four and five are where Brits bring a lot of value. He will go in detail into mobile marketing through the platform. As we know, mobile is now in the centre of all marketing activities as they have taken over the users who research and transact whilst on the move. You’ll find the fundamentals for mastering mobile marketing. The course clearly lays out strategies for growing app downloads and managing geotargeting for mobile.


In module five, he communicates how to best gain an advantage in your AdWords campaign by using automation on the platform. Brits even details how to use ad customisers in your campaign. 

Finally, in module six, you will learn how to manage YouTube video ads which are becoming key for any marketer in today’s advertising world of ever-increasing mobile video consumption.


This course is the perfect match for students in search of a quick course that has a large amount of in-depth content and valuable tips and tricks. If you’re a beginner in Google Ads then this may not be ideal for you as you should already have at least a basic understanding of the platform and what it can offer. 


Best things about this course: 

• You’ll learn how to work in detail with the Keyword Planner 

• You’ll get detailed instruction on AdWords Automation rules

• Get to grips with using the AdWords Editor and manager accounts too

• You’ll understand everything about dynamic search and display automation

• And you’ll be given a number of advanced PPC tips and tricks

• LEVEL:  Advanced

• DURATION: 2 Hour 48 Min



Lynda has many courses for email marketing which range from beginner to advanced. With all these courses, you could become well-versed in any subject from expanding an email marketing list, to building valuable targeted messaging and getting great results from your campaigns.

Our favourite by far is the Email and Newsletter Marketing Foundations course created by Megan Adams. It’s the perfect course if you don’t have much experience with email marketing. 

This course uses MailChimp, but the strategies can be adapted to any EMS provider. By the end, you'll have a new tool to drive traffic to your website, engage new audiences, and grow your business.

The course is made of 5 modules and will walk you through the entire email marketing journey from an overview of the basics to creating lists and building a strategy and analysing your results. 

The first 2 modules explain what the advantages are of running email marketing campaigns. You’ll learn how to include email marketing to your overall marketing strategy and establishing the main KPIs. 


In module three you will learn in detail how to create and maintain a healthy email list, but you’ll also find out how to segment the lists and the uses of segmentation for better targeting and messaging.


Module Four takes you onto building an effective strategy when it comes to email marketing. Adams runs through what good looks like and how to build campaigns. She explains the advantages of having a recurring theme and how you can get the best results with your emails.


This takes us to module five where you will understand the key metrics you need to analyse from your campaigns and how to optimise and test campaigns.


When carrying out any type of digital marketing, the key to success is to identify what works and what doesn’t so you improve your campaigns each time.


Overall, and with this course, you will get the basic knowledge you need to start running great email marketing campaigns. Most marketers will say email marketing is essential in their business’ marketing mix. Adams’ course about Email Marketing will help you understand how to get your desired return on investment. You’ll ensure your company maintains a positive reputation through your campaigns. Adams gives tips and tricks to build your email lists, choose your themes, create effective messaging, build newsletters, and your campaigns. 

Best things about this course: 

• It’s a beginners course so you don’t need to know much at all

• You’ll get to understand the uses of email marketing.

• You’ll learn how a segmentation strategy can be useful 

• You’ll identify the appropriate strategy for testing emails on mobile and desktop devices.

• You’ll understand the main metrics that can be used to identify which types of emails people interact with.

• LEVEL:  Beginner

• DURATION: 43 Min 36 Sec



Wordpress is one of the leading CMSs out there and if you’re looking to start your business with a quality CMS that is easy to use, Wordpress is the way to go. Lynda offers a wide range of WordPress courses, however, if you’re just starting, the Wordpress 5 essential Training is where you should start. 

It’s a great introduction to making sites using content management systems [CMS]. Using as the platform, the course teaches and shows the ways of making a web presence without downloading any software or costs. Even though the course shows how to create pages, the focus is on how to set-up and build a site right away.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen has a voice and style that is personable and easy to follow. Most importantly, his tips and tricks he gives through the course are there to actually teach you. He doesn’t just list out how to do the steps but why those steps are there. In doing this, you will learn much more than just but how to build an effective website. 

There are seven modules that go into a lot of detail:

1. Up & Running with WP

2. Content Management

3. Working with Blocks in the Block Content

4. Document Context

5. Block Deep Dive

6. Reusable Blocks

7. The rest of the Iceberg

With this course, you’ll get to learn how to create your own web pages using WordPress which is a powerful and open-source publishing platform. Instructor Morten will really help you get the most out of WordPress and build feature-rich blogs and websites. He describes how to build, create and publish posts and pages; create and edit blocks. You’ll get to deep dive into defining reusable content blocks so you can take full advantage of the new block editor codenamed "Gutenberg”. 


Best things about this course: 

• You will understand the differences between posts and pages.

• You’ll get the concept of a theme.

• Adding images, audio, and video

• You will be able to create an impressive, live web site quickly and efficiently

• You won’t need to spend days and days learning as the course is compact

• Bulk editing posts and pages

• LEVEL:  Beginner

• DURATION: 1 Hour 54 Min


Final Thoughts

All these courses are great foundations to become a great multi-channel marketer. The best thing about Lynda is the feature where you can write notes as the videos play so you never forget where you heard something interesting or something worth revisiting. Some companies even offer a Lynda subscription for free so make sure you make the most of it if you can. 

Enjoy your elearning!! 


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