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Psychology is the study of humans and as such it applies to everyone. Online Psychology classes range from interesting facts about everyday life to a deep study of the brain and how it influences behaviour. 


Despite its broad reach, some people think that Psychology does not apply to many jobs or walks of life. In days past the traditional route for a psychology graduate would be to work in a medical or correctional setting.

Then in the late 1950s, thanks to a new theoretical methodology called Behaviourism, Psychology principles began to become more applied in everyday settings such as the workplace and in economics.


Nowadays there are traces of Psychology in almost all jobs and walks of life.


This, in turn, has resulted in a lot of online Psychology courses covering basically any field or question you may have. 


You are probably here because you believe that knowing why people react the way that they do is very important all walks of life.

Written 4th November, 2019 by The School Bell

Psychology is used a lot in areas such as:

• Marketing

• Analytics 

• Human resources

• Economics

• Architecture

• Design 

• Management

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It has become more common for courses in seemingly unrelated fields to include a class or two about Psychology. 

You can often identify these classes because the will talk about:


• Behaviour

• The brain

• Social interactions

• Conscious vs sub conscious thinking

• Perception

• Development

• Criminology

• Motivations

As Psychology as a discipline has grown it has separated in various "fields" and sub-disciplines.


• Clinical Psychology

• Cognitive and Perceptual Psychology

• Counselling Psychology

• Developmental Psychology

• Educational Psychology

• Engineering Psychology

• Experimental / Research Psychology

• Forensic Psychology

• Geriatric Psychology

• Industrial / Organizational Psychology

• Neuropsychology

• Social Psychology

It has also become more common for Psychology courses to orientate themselves towards one of these disciplines.

Let us first define what Psychology is


"Psychology is defined as the study of the mind"  


Therefore the online Psychology courses and classes tend to focus on helping you to understand both individuals and/or how they behave within society.


Like many other scientific disciplines, Psychology courses can be divided into two main groups:

theoretical psychology and applied psychology.


So whether you are looking to explore the practical side of business psychology, the clinical side of psychiatric care or just intrigued about the theories and observations of prominent psychologists there are several excellent online courses in Psychology for you to explore.


There is a huge diversity in the type and quality of the Psychology courses that are being offered online today. Courses can last anywhere from a few days to a year. Some course providers present certificates to successful graduates.


Online Course Providers who have partnered with and University or School will often give diplomas and even accredited degrees to students who complete the classes and pass the exams. 

If you complete a shorter course or even just a few classes you can often get credits that are accepted by schools toward degree programs such as a Bachelors or Masters.

Unless otherwise stated Online courses will not count for college or university credits.  They also will not help in a formal way towards gaining entrance to a higher education Course. 


The same applies to job applications. The recruitment manager will often be impressed that you have taken the initiative to study under your own steam but it will not normally be enough to land your dream job or University spot.


They primarily offer a fast, affordable and flexible way to develop a solid understanding of the topics within Psychology.


Like all online learning environments, the best thing about online Psychology classes is that you can watch the videos and complete the assignments at your own pace, wherever and whenever suits you. 


Another obvious but often overlooked advantage to online learning is that you can take a course from anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. 


With an online course you will not get the same personal interactions and campus environment that you get from a traditional university experience but you get the freedom to attend any university you want. 

Unfortunately, with the costs of higher education rising getting an in-person, campus-based, degree from universities like Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Edinburgh would be financially out of reach for most people. Even if they managed to get the grades and extra-curricular activities to get in.​

Luckily the same cannot be said for their online courses, which can be obtained without having to jump through endless hoops and resigning yourself to a life of debt.


This makes online course perfect for those looking to learn a bit more about Psychology, to start a new career in a Psychology related field or just learn some new people skills to apply to their current job without uprooting their whole life. 


Or if you have fewer ties to your home town you could learn Economics while on an island in Greece or learn coding languages such as Python whilst learning Portuguese as a surfing instructor. I know that sounds made up but I know someone that actually did it. 

It is important to remember that the flexibility of online courses can work against you. The courses are relatively cheap and sometimes free. This means that is can be tempting to sign up to many classes at once. Or sign one up to any course that looks relevant just to check it out. 


More often than not this practise, leads to a waste of time.  


When choosing between online courses

  1. Understand your budget

  2. Set one or two clear goals

  3. Set out time each day/ week


Then start to look for courses that fit your requirements not ones that look good at first glance. 


Deciding whether or not to study online or offline depends on your level of motivation. Offline courses are often easier to see to completion once you have cleared the initial hurdle of signing up. 


On the other hand, the people who most often succeed in an online learning environment are those who display high levels of self-motivation. They are able to both regularly commit time to engage with the videos and reading materials as well as pushing through learning blocks and difficult projects to meet coursework deadlines. 


Since in an online course learning is often self-paced, strong planning, motivation and eventually just good old fashioned discipline will help you achieve tangible results and growth instead of a list of unfinished courses and interesting but unconnected facts. 

Online Psychology Courses

This online Psychology course is offered by Yale, based on their offline Psychology teachings. You can join for free and learn all the basics of Psychology.​


It covers all the basics in quick, succinct lessons. Once you have seen this course you will know a lot more about which areas of psychology interest you and explore them further. 

Better Marketing and Personal Success with the Psychology of Influence and Persuasion . It is a paid course but wait for a bit and you can get it for $11.99

A quick course but very interesting for anyone who has noticed that their colleges can sometimes behave strangely. Skillshare does not offer a per course payments system but you can sign up for a trial that lasts a month.

If you liked Silence of the Lambs then you will love this. It is a look at how understanding human better can help improve our law enforcement efforts.

A very interesting peek behind the scenes of marketing. This course will teach you about how marketers try and grab your attention and make their projects look very attractive.

Wouldn't be a very good elearning blog if I didn't include this. Find out everything you want to learn about online learning from a scientific yet understandable perspective. 

Understand how your brain regulates your perception and how that perception manifests itself as thoughts. This course will help you to better under how your thought process works and give you some practical tips to help with self-control and regulating your behaviour.

The tagline: "Learn how to become more resilient in your personal and professional life."

This is one of the faster courses on our review list. It is free and can be completed in about 6 hours over two weeks. Full of great actionable insights that will help you in your personal & professional live

The tagline: "This course is about how the brain creates our sense of spatial location from a variety of sensory and motor sources, and how this spatial sense, in turn, shapes our cognitive abilities"

This is a very in-depth course from Duke University. ​It will teach you a lot but it does not seem like you are wading through treacle. Once you have completed this course you will have a whole new respect for how much your brain does for you.

The tagline: "Supporting Children’s Mental Health in Non-Counselling Settings: school staff, parents, social workers, community workers"

For all the parents and soon to be parents alike. This course is great for anyone who wants to be better at dealing with children. Learning to spot problems and effective ways of resolving them is a very valuable skills for $20

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