Behavioural Economics

Despite sounding a bit dull, Behavioural Economics is actually a very fun and interesting topic. 


  • Are you curious about how people make decisions? 

  • Do you like Sims or Derren Brown?

  • Would you like to help yourself and other people improve their lives? 

  • Do you ever wonder why you or others made a seemingly baffling decision?

  • Fancy yourself a modern-day Freud?


If you answered yes to any of the above then read on.

What is Behavioural Economics?

According to HBR:

"...behavioural economics is a relatively new field that combines insights from psychology, judgment, and decision making, and economics to generate a more accurate understanding of human behaviour."

Behavioural economics is built on Psychology and focuses on decision-making. It can be for any type of decision but mainly focuses on economic outcomes.

It was born out a dissatisfaction with the traditional Economic method of explaining decision making using Rational Actor method. I looks to explain decisions through an in-depth understanding of human biases and motivations.

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3. Freakonomics

4. Governing Bodies

5. Ted Talks

6. The one to avoid


Author: Richard Anning

Date Created: June 2020

Top free ways to learn Behavioural Economics online

An Introduction to Behavioral Economics

An Introduction to Behavioral Economics : The clue is in the title. The website aims to be a major knowledge broker in the behavioural sciences, particularly behavioural economics and behavioural insights.


This is the best place to start for a well-rounded introduction. The site has a lot of resources so you can keep digging until your curiosity is not satisfied.


They also have a great newsletter and curate a Free & Paid List of resources. One thing to note is that while the site owes its existence to the rising demand for knowledge from the behavioural sciences, it is also a reflection of its founder’s history as a scholar and professional. Some of the articles can be a little bit heavy if you are just starting out.




Psych central

TED Talks


Google Scholar

Bi Team stands for Behavioural Insights team.


This is a real-world company and they blog about the policies and corporations tactics. They have run more than 750 projects and claim to have had an impact from healthcare to humanitarian aid, economic growth to early years, social capital to consumers.


So they can provide a very interesting view on how Behavioural Economics is being used in the real world. They also claim to improve people’s lives and communities but since they work for governments and corporations who can be sure.

Bonus: One to Avoid

Psychology Today. Strongly focused on putting out content and therapy. Not heavily focused on applied Behavioural Economics.

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